Revolutionizing ERP: Empowering Growth with AI, Automation, Analytics

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead requires more than just keeping pace; it demands anticipation and adaptation.

For business leaders and ERP professionals navigating the complexities of ERP, understanding the transformative power of AI, automation, and analytics is no longer optional—it’s essential. 

Welcome to an insightful webinar presented by Acumant, dedicated to exploring the pivotal role of AI, automation, and analytics within Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Over one hour, our experts will cover the latest advancements and best practices in leveraging these technologies to drive growth, streamline processes, and unlock new business opportunities. From acquisition of real-time insights to the implementation of automated workflows, participants will gain invaluable insights into optimizing their ERP strategy through the adept utilization of AI-driven tools, thereby positioning their organizations for accelerated progress and success. 

Explore strategies for leveraging these technologies to drive growth and streamline operations. 

Learn how to integrate AI-driven tools seamlessly into your ERP solution for maximum impact. 

Gain insights into the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot for Finance and its role in accelerating business growth


  • Introduction 
  • The Power of AI in ERP  
  • Unlocking Insights with Analytics  
  • Streamlining Processes through Automation  
  • Accelerating Growth with Integrated Solutions  
  • Deep Dive into Microsoft Copilot for Finance  
  • Q&A Session  

Speaker Details

Doher Drizzle Pablo is a renowned Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Solutions Architect, distinguished as a Microsoft MVP for Business Applications. With a proven track record in designing and implementing innovative solutions, Drizzle excels in understanding complex business challenges across various industries, delivering projects that drive efficiency, productivity, and growth. She is deeply committed to fostering community engagement and knowledge sharing within the Microsoft ecosystem, regularly contributing insights and expertise through forums, blogs, and user groups.

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