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It is a known fact that power utility companies work in a demanding environment ruled by government regulations. Subsequently, there is a constant demand to provide critical and frequent data regarding grid reliability, voltage fluctuations, power outages, and related tariff among the few.

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Industries are increasingly interested in acquiring data related to power consumption. Due to technological advances such as IoT (Internet of Things), they can do so at granular levels, even at the level of the devices (e.g., HVAC in a manufacturing plant). Further, these industries have environmental sustainability goals(for instance, related to CO2 emissions). As a result, they have to interact more frequently with utility companies to understand their energy sources better. Such interactions could help them act faster to mitigate any risks that might impact these targets.


EBARS (Energy Benchmarking And Recommendations Solution) from acumant lies in between the needs of the utility companies and the industries. Based on a sound methodology and powerful tools – automated, reliable, and consistent – it can acquire publicly available data from various geographies such as the US, India, and European countries, including the UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. It can then present insights in an intuitive and a contextualized manner while integrating with major Energy Management Platforms.

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How EBARS Works

EBARS analyzes long-term trends and changing patterns and compares them with historical energy benchmarks. It then uses intelligent algorithms to update Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which the customers can view within one unified and holistic dashboard. Following are some of the KPIs:

  • Industry-wide comparables (such as power consumption) against best-in-class players
  • Power outage alerts and voltage fluctuations
  • Power consumption by energy sources

Additional Benefits

EBARS provides recommendations about energy spend versus alternative energy providers, thereby helping industries make rational decisions in reducing operating costs EBARS delivers insights that can help industries understand emission levels as a result of consuming energy from a particular energy source versus sourcing from potential energy alternatives.

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