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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that came into existence in May 2018 ensures that organizations take responsibility for how personal data is handled. It enforces obligations on organizations of how such data can be consumed and used.

With technological advancements data is being used by many enterprises as key differentiator. Data resides in many systems within an enterprise such as CRM, ERP, and many custom-made applications that it becomes extremely challenging to keep track of consumption of such data. However, the penalties of noncompliance to GDPR would mean significant penalties of up to 4% of global turnover of the organizations.

Acumant identified the need for CXO’s to have a visibility of how much they are compliant with respect to GDPR and developed CODA (Compliant Data) System to enable the same. Salient features of solution we developed include:

  • Cloud based web application which can handle volumes of data
  • Built in connectors with widely used CRM and ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and SAP
  • Persona based UI and Dashboards with
    • Functionality to setup notifications.
    • Automate the process of being compliant.

Acumant’s solution is comprehensive covering all the core modules for our customers to keep track of GDPR compliance. The modules that are part of the solution include:

User consent
  • Enabling user consent being taken and recorded in respective systems
  • User being followed up automatically for consent to be taken
  • Automating entire consent process for newly created users in CRM and ERP systems
Data Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Questionnaire inbuilt in application to check current status of your organization’s compliance
  • Recommendations on how to handle non-compliant areas
Data Subject Request
  • End to end handling and reporting of customer requests to edit, modify, change, transfer and delete personal data.
Data Breach
  • Process automated to handle data breach situations by notifying the legal authorities within 72 hrs and constant automated notifications with updates on the data breach status.
Privacy by Design
  • Handling privacy needs such as avoidance of data duplication, sensitive data anonymization, encryption of personal data at application level and auto archival of data post the stimulated time.

Acumant’s CODA is an end to end solution that can provide you dynamic information with regard to level of compliance your organization have with respect to GDPR, birds eye view for the executive level on grey areas and progress status.

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