Inauguration of Our New Office Space: A Milestone Celebration

We are thrilled to announce the successful inauguration of our new office space in BTM Layout, marking a significant milestone in Acumant’s journey. The move to this larger and more premium space is a strategic step forward to accommodate our rapidly growing workforce and provide an enhanced work environment. 

The inauguration ceremony, held on the 23rd of November, 2023, was a momentous occasion attended by our esteemed clients from Orkla Food Ingredients AS. We were honored to welcome them with a traditional Karnataka touch as a token of our gratitude for their presence and support. 

The event brought together our entire team, including remote, hybrid, and full-time employees, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. It served as a platform for networking and celebrating the collective achievements of our organization. The shared joy of the moment further strengthened the bond among our diverse workforce. 

Following the inauguration, we embarked on our annual retreat at Gold Coin Resorts—a two-day extravaganza filled with fun, banter, and games. The retreat also featured our annual keynote, aligning with this year’s theme: health and wellness. Our founder’s keynote speech emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, upskilling, and adopting smart working practices. 

As a company experiencing a remarkable 100% growth rate, our CEO, Nagendra Siddoutam, addressed the gathering with valuable insights into our key growth figures. He underscored the significance of prioritizing health and wellness, urging all team members to invest in their personal and professional well-being. 

In recognition of outstanding contributions, we took a moment to felicitate our best performers, acknowledging their dedication and hard work. The best performer bagged a cash prize of INR 50,000 while the special appreciation certificate was complemented by a handsome gift voucher.  

The move to our new office space, coupled with the festivities of the inauguration and the annual retreat, marks a pivotal moment in Acumant’s journey. We look forward to leveraging this positive momentum as we continue to grow, innovate, and foster a culture of excellence. 

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