Keeping Dynamics 365 Evergreen with Automated Testing

The ‘’Evergreen’’ Approach: Dynamics 365 follows a ‘’Evergreen’’ approach. Dynamics 365, unlike its predecessors, has constant updates from Microsoft. These updates make it very appealing to organizations who has invested on the product. However, the flip side is that it adds to complexity regarding preparation of organization to conduct accurate testing before moving into Production.

Testing before implementing: Key problem emerges from the fact that the monthly updates could cause all or part of Dynamics solution to crash, if the update conflicts with elements of the core system, customisations, or integrations. It becomes crucial to thoroughly test each update in advance. Tests should be conducted across the Core Solution, Customizations, and ISV solutions. The Testing is performed in 3 levels: Unit Testing, Functional Testing and Regression Testing.

Test Automation: Manual testing is a resource intensive activity and takes a toll on the organization’s financial resources as well as bandwidth to do it regularly. Automating the testing process is the only natural way to go to handle such frequent releases to ensure investments on Dynamics 365 are leveraged by organizations.

Automation testing requires upfront investments from organizations

  • To build relevant test cases on the tool of the choice ( e.g. RSAT, Executive Automats, etc).
  • To maintain these automated test cases with any Major or Minor changes.

Acumant, having years of experience in testing offers test automation services with pre-packaged offering that can reduce time to realize investments by 50-60%. Acumant has automated test cases on standard dynamics product along with certain ISV solutions which can take the starting point of your journey much ahead. To learn more on this and understand how you can forward your journey on automated testing please contact us at

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